About Us

Green Growth DigiHub is the first integrated and multi-stakeholder digital networking and convergence platform that is developed to facilitate system-wide linkages, knowledge sharing for policy-making, visibility for investment for green growth initiatives and organisations. The platform also facilitates networking and consultancies among other opportunities for green growth actors, and experts. The platform serves as a continental map, database, resource library, and catalogue for profiling green growth initiatives and experts in Africa including news and opportunities on green growth from across the globe. The integrated digital platform comprises five major sections for Green Growth Projects, Experts, Social Networking, Media and Opportunities. Being intergenerational and multi-stakeholder, the platform increases the global visibility of green growth initiatives and stakeholders in Africa to facilitate global support and collaboration. The annual synthesis and analysis of green growth initiatives in Africa and publication in an annual Green Growth DigiHub Report enables inclusive and evidence-based policymaking for green growth in Africa and at the global level. Other associated initiatives include the quarterly Green Growth DigiHub Magazine and the annual Green Growth DigiHub Awards.

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Green Growth DigiHub is an initiative of Green Growth Africa.